Bhurbumkuta Dharani

The Bhurbumkuta dharani is yet another common recommendation by Tibetan Lamas and doctors for treating patients where there is a spiritual element to the cause and continuation of a disease. In such cases, giving regular medical treatment alone without dealing with the spiritual component does not result in a cure. Bhurbumkuta, called Dorje Me-tseg-pa in Tibetan, is a powerful Deity for specifically cleansing the body-mind of impurities of all kinds. It is also used to purify clothes, food, and anything else that has suffered from some kind of drib-pa or contamination. It can be read and recited by the patient or by the patient's care-giver and/or family. The more times it is read, the more result there will be. Reading the text, one can see that this is a useful practice especially where one or more of the sense organs has been obscured, for instance the mouth/tongue/voice in the case of stroke. It is also useful for declines in hearing and eyesight. Because it comes from the Zung Du (Collection of Dharani) with the Kangyur, it can be read and recited by anyone without empowerment or oral transmission. However, for those who have received Vajrayana empowerment, this dharani is a powerful and important one for cleansing broken samaya.

Gya-gar ked-du: Throdha Bhurkumkuta Raja Stotra Mantra

Bod ked-du: Thro-woi Gyal-po Me-tseg-la Tod-pai Ngag


I prostrate to the Three Jewels.






I prostrate, prostrate, prostrate to and praise [You]!

Wrathful, even more wrathful, great wrathful [One];

Buddha, Buddha, ancient Buddha;

Dharmakaya, Samboghakaya, and Nirmanakaya;


Bhurkumkuta, thus I prostrate [to You].

[You are surrounded by flames] like the fire burning [at the end] of a kalpa.

[You] sit on a cushion of lotus, sun, and moon.

Bearer of a green-black mole,


[You] have three faces and six arms.

[Your] right [face] is white, [Your] left [face] is red, [and] the middle [one] is green.

[You have] three eyes [and] frightening fangs.

[You] consume excrement and amrita medicine just the same.


[Your] right [hands hold] a vajra and sword,

[While Your] left [hold] a noose and hook.

The lower [ones] are in threatening mudra [and] crossed at [Your] heart.

[You] purify karma free from filthy and clean.


A poisonous snake ornaments [Your] body.

[Your] tul-zhug activity is without fear [or] anger.

King of the Wrathful [Ones], to You I offer prostration and praise.

Make the filthy clean.


King of the Wrathful [Ones], to You I offer prostration and praise.

Guard against all that causes fear.

King of the Wrathful [Ones], to You I offer prostration and praise.

Protect against disease and epidemics.


King of the Wrathful [Ones], to You I offer prostration and praise.

Filthy food and filthy garments,

[You] are the best for cleansing all these.

Gods, Nagas, Yakshas, and evil spirits,


Cause joy to all without exception.

Diseases, epidemics, misfortunes, and calamities,

I prostrate to and praise [You]. Perform the action of protecting [against these].

I pray protect me.


Cleanse me of all that is unclean.

Make suffering into no suffering.

Make the heavy light.

Praise to [the One Who] makes the narrow wide.


You are the King of the Wrathful [Ones], Bhurkumkuta.

The blessings of all the Buddhas

All depend on devotion to You.

May [my] health, cheerfulness, [and my] senses be at ease,


I prostrate to the Deity of bliss.

May [my] body be pure, [my] mind be pure, [and my] senses be pure,

I prostrate to the Deity of purifying.

May [my] body be clean, [my] mind be clean, [and my] senses be clean,


I prostrate to the Deity of cleansing.

May [my] body be pristine, [my] mind be pristine, [and my] senses be pristine,

I prostrate to the Deity of limpid clarity.

May [my] body be clear, [my] mind be clear, [and my] senses be clear,


I prostrate to the Deity of clarity.

Gods, Nagas, Pretas, Pishacha, Rakshasas,

Yakshas, and Elementals, listen to this.

May suffering be pacified and transformed into happiness.


May [I] become as white as a chain of snowy mountains.

May [I] become as clean as crystal.

May [I] become as clear as a mirror.

May [I] become as limpid as the sky.


May all the eight classes of Gods, Nagas, etc.

Who live in the earth or in the sky

Be established in the thought of virtuous action

[And] may [all] harm to others be pacified.


This is the mantra and praise for the King of the Wrathful [Ones], Bhurkumkuta.