Maha Shri Sutra for Gaining Wealth & Prosperity

I continue to hear from Western Buddhists who are having money problems. In the Mahayana canon, there are a number of sutras and dharanis for helping generate wealth. Below is the Maha Shri Sutra for gaining wealth and prosperity. If you're suffering from lack of money to practice the Dharma the way you would like, besides giving charity, consider reciting this every day with at least three repetitions of the mantra. According to Lama Dawa Chodrak Who first gave me transmission for this sutra, Maha Shri is Lakshmi. This sutra actually is part of the much longer Sunlight Sutra. In any case, I have recited this sutra daily for a number of years. Although it's even more effective if you receive lung/oral transmission from a lineage-holder for this sutra, it can still be said effectively without transmission. Next week I will post a couple of other wealth-generating sutras.

Maha Shri Sutra 

Gya-gar ked-du: Maha Shri Sutra

Bod ked-du: Pal-chen-moi Do

I prostrate to all the Buddhas and Bodhisatvas. 

Thus I have heard:  

Once the Blessed One was dwelling in the blissful realm of Sukhavati. At that time, Ishvara, [the Powerful Lord,] the Bodhisatva Mahasatva, Arya Avalokiteshwara went to the place where the Blessed One was, prostrated at the noble feet of the Blessed One, and touched His head to the ground. Having circumambulated the Blessed One three times, He sat down to one side. Then, beholding the glorious Goddess Maha Shri, the Blessed One spoke these words to the Powerful Lord, Arya Avalokiteshwara:

“If any bhikshu, bhikshuni, upasaka, upasika, or anyone else should come to keep, to read, to write, or to cause others to write the 12 names of glorious Maha Shri, their poverty will be eliminated and they will become propserous.” 

By saying this, all those gathered around the Buddha proclaimed, “Make it so.”

Then, the Blessed One bestowed the 12 names of Maha Shri:

“She Who Is Endowed with Splendor, She Who Is Auspiciously Resplendent, Possessor of a Garland of Lotuses, Lady-Lord of Riches, She Who Is White, She Who Is Greatly Renowned, Lotus Eye, She Who Makes Things Happen, She of Great Light, She Who Gives Food, She Who Wholeheartedly Gives Precious Gems, She Who Is Greatly Resplendent.



“Anyone who recites this three times will become victorious over all inauspicious circumstances. They will be endowed with excellent fortune and will possess unceasing wealth. Furthermore, by reciting this sutra, everyone will regard you as their only child, will be delighted by you, and will act in accord with your wishes. If one should constantly read this, then even if Brahma commits wrathful actions, one will not be harmed and will come to serve under many Buddhas.” 

The Blessed One spoke these words and the Bodhisatva Mahasatva, the Powerful Lord, Arya Avalokiteshwara rejoiced [and] highly praised the words spoken by the Blessed One. 

[Thus] the Maha Shri Sutra herein contained is completed.